Guide for Cycling

Hawaii Road Rules and Common Sense

Here we have provided guide for your safety and reference. These rules are taken from the Honolulu Dept of Transportation web site.

Traffic laws apply to bicyclists

Cyclists have most of the same rights and responsibilities as motorists have and they must obey traffic laws and be courteous to all road users.

Bicycle helmets

No person younger than sixteen (16) years old can legally ride a bicycle on a street, or on any other public property unless unless they are wearing a bicycle helmet.

For your own safety

  • Ride on the right side of the road unless turning left or avoiding a hazard
  • Follow lane markings and obey traffic signs and signals just as you would in a car
  • Ride singe file on roads
  • Use lights at night – from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise
  • Use our safety vests
  • Never ride against traffic

If there is an Accident

It’s a smart idea to always carry identification and a phone in case of emergencies. If you are involved in an accident, please:

  • STOP in a safe place and remain as close to the accident scene as practical and safe, except to notify police.
  • NOTIFY the police (dial 911). Honolulu Police (808) 529-3111. Follow their instructions.
  • CALL US at Aloha Bike Rental. (808) 721-0291.
  • GATHER INFORMATION as much as possible. Information should include a description of the individuals and/or vehicles involved, including license plate numbers. Information such as name and address should be exchanged with any persons involved, including witnesses.


For more information about bicycle rules and regulations, please see the Honolulu Dept of Transportation Bicycle Regulations & Safety Tips page.